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BARÚS – Barús

Filipe Gomes 06/10/2016 No Comments on BARÚS – Barús

Just when you thought you couldn’t find something fresh among the hundreds of albums that are released every week, Barús proves us wrong. This first record shows that once in a while, a gem pops out of the pile of copycats. Even though this is only a sample of what the band is focused on, it’s a rock solid first release!

Analyzing the listenable influences, think of a mixture between Gojira / Meshuggah groovy palm muted riffs (“Challice”), let it breathe like Gorguts do and add some technicality in the whole thing in the Ulcerate style, not as fast or brutal, though. Grab some ambiance from Nero di Marte, add a very versatile vocalist and you get Barús. So after all, which style are these guys playing? Well, it’s hard to tell, but it’s a unique blend of Death metal that progresses into slower parts sometimes, with cleaner guitars and vocals, resembling for a second some stuff by Opeth or Akercocke. Confused? We wouldn’t expect anything else, but Barús made it possible and made it sound good!

Even though this is only 4 songs, we are presented with 23 minutes of dissonant groove. This is completed by unexpected tempo changes and a singer that does it all. Crushing, heavy, it drags you down the dark abyss of human consciousness. The production works quite well and the artwork makes you feel like you are falling down from the heavens.

Like they say, Barús evokes a burden. And they’re one burden which we do not mind to carry. Let’s see what a future release will bring and which direction the band will take. The first impression is great, let’s hear the debut album!

“Barús” was released by Emanations, you can find all the information here.




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