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BENEATH A GODLESS SKY – Beneath A Godless Sky

Ricardo Pereira 21/11/2018 Comments Off on BENEATH A GODLESS SKY – Beneath A Godless Sky

First of all, let me just say that “Beneath A Godless Sky” is about as kickass as band names usually get. Let’s see if the sound matches the tag!

This Parisian progressive metal outfit released a debut self-titled EP that, in their own words, mixes “Progressive, Heavy and Melodic” elements in order to illustrate their current sonic soundscape. Right off the bat one can hear that the production value is very high for a first release. Don’t expect that typical nasty demo/debut EP production that almost puts you off the entire work. Albeit far from perfect, its solid and packs somewhat of a punch!

Overall, you can hear that these kids played their hearts out in this work – their hunger and emotion are almost palpable. The songs themselves have a very modern and progressive dressing to them, full of riffs and atmosphere that bear their fair share of resemblances to bands like Architects, Periphery and Textures. The “clean” vocals need a little work, but they’re still listenable and add a little breathing room amidst the sea of more aggressive vocal styles.

The only truly negative point in this release is a clear lack of originality in the compositions. Beneath A Godless Sky have some truly epic and interesting compositions, but generally speaking, they don’t bring anything new to the table. However, don’t hold that against them, for this work is very impressive for a first release. Let’s hope to hear more from them in the future!


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Review by Ricardo Pereira
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