Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Beneath The Storm – Devil’s Village


 Beneath The Storm’s third effort “Devil’s Village” is a concept album based on the 1960 horror movie “The City Of The Dead” (“Horror Hotel” if you live in the USA). Hence the recurring use of “witch” and “ritual” in the song titles (probably in the lyrics as well, if you can discern Mr. Igor Shimon’s grunts). But the lack of originality stops there. Passages from said movie are smartly embedded in all songs, adding context and thickening the creepiness – let’s just hope Shimon asked someone permission to use them. Being a doom/sludge piece, it runs at an extremely slow tempo, but Shimon managed to diverse the pattern and each song has its own sluggish rhythm – “Tonight Begins The Ritual” being the most mournful, “Moonlight Through The Trees” the sharpest. And the overall ambience is more frightful than desperate, so that’s also distinct from the other bands of the genre. The aforementioned grunts are a scare on their own, feeling like they were recorded in a cave and therefore sounding quite unhuman. Given its nature, it may be strange talking about “freshness”, but “Devil’s Village” comes indeed as a breath of fresh air into the doom realm.


Words by: Renata Lino



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