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Besatt – Ímpia Symphonia (EP)

Daniel Lemminkainen 22/09/2015 No Comments on Besatt – Ímpia Symphonia (EP)

 Don’t think that this band hidden a weak record behind a nice cover, what you can find here is a serious exercise of black metal very well written, with the guitar production expected for a black metal album, and lyrics in polish. The trip to hell stars with a very good intro and the howling of the wolves in “Czas Wilka”, and keeps descending with “Balwolchwalstwo”, but when we arrive to “Krew Moich Wrogow” the riff is simply too good to not headbang and stay in the chair. “Samobójczy Rytual” is another great moment of the album, a perfect track that could take you anywhere, anywhere really dark. Due the length of the tracks, it almost feels that we have here an LP, but the record is so organic and the songs link so well, that by the end the listener realize that this is an EP, that clearly deserves attention and the calling of those long winter nights so we could get the full feeling. Note that “Stworzony Z Blyskawicy” is the most melodic track of the album, but very grim still.




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