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BLACK HOLE GENERATOR – A Requiem for Terra


Black Hole Generator was formed in 2006 as a solo project from the charismatic Vulture Industries‘ lead man and long-time Taake and Helheim producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen. Their debut album “Black Karma” (Ars Magna Recordings) saw the light of day back in 2006, with the participation on guitars of Dreggen (Aeternus, Taake, Deathcon, Grimfist and Slavia). After ten years hiatus, “A Requiem for Terra” album was released via Dark Essence Records on November 18th, 2016. This long-awaited second album features the renowned Arve Isdal (Enslaved/Audrey Horne) on guitars, Gjermund Fredheim (Taake/Orkan) as lead guitar on three tracks, with the additional participation of Dag Terje Andersen (Dreggen).

Since the first second of this album you can easily recognise Bjørnar signature. Defined by his characteristic vocals, ranging from clean to dirty in seconds, and a complex song writing process. All the songs elements seem to flow around in a balance between chaos and order, that somehow end up perfectly aligned to produce an addictive and unique sonority.

The opening and album title track “A Requiem for Terra”, as the beginning of a story, starts slow but catchy and progressively develops to some sort of chaos. This first song will easily hook you on this album. “Moloch” might be the darker and somber song of the album, giving you the feeling of dropping into a deep dark abyss from where you struggle to get out. “Beneath a Chemical Sky” is an hypnotising song full of rhythm changes with a special touch of heavy and mad guitar solos towards the end. “Emerging Pantheon”, “Earth Eater” are fast and heavy songs full of those little twists that characterise the album. Giving the feeling of a farewell song, “Spiritual Blight” closes the album by slowing you down.

The entire album makes you embark into an introspective journey following the songs up and downs complemented with rich lyrics. This album will surely make you disconnect from the real world for its almost 40min duration. Being Bjørnar know for his amazing performance on stage, I am definitely eager to to see how this songs will be performed live.




Black Hole Generator Discography:

“Black Karma” (CD, Ars Magna Recordings 2006) 
“A Requiem for Terra” (CD/VINYL, Dark Essence Records 2016)



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