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BLACK MAMBA – Heritage

Kasper Pasinski 23/03/2018 Comments Off on BLACK MAMBA – Heritage

 Black Mamba is an Italian female fronted rock group that gained experience by covering many of their hard rock heroes. Their feats include Italy live acts supporting bands like Blaze Bayley and Carl Palmer. “Heritage” is their debut record released already in December 2017.

The album starts with the title track ‘Heritage’ which after a calm intro develops into a slow catchy rock song. The first slower song was clearly just a warm up, since ‘Never Obey’ proves that aggression will be present on the album, what could be associated with the band name. This song is based on nice guitar riffs and on the combination of smooth and harsh vocals provided by Irma Mirtilla.

‘Lost in Translation’ is a track which deserves special attention. A change of tempo combined with short and shy solo parts is definitely an explosion I was expecting from a group hiding behind such an aggressive name. After this heavier accent, the band showcases their vocalist skills and hits an almost soul sound in ‘The Lie’ track.

‘What Is Untold’ closes the album, making a good summary for the  whole record. A nice mixture of calm sections with power kick that are hiding behind the corner. The core of this last song is based on the rhythmic section of the band. Cecilia Nappo (Bass) and Federico Maragoni (Drums) are providing the main theme for this song. All this was decorated with nice vocals and strongly supported with the chorus guitars.

To sum up, we have a solid mixture of different rock styles with a noticeable influence of the most popular hard rock bands. ‘Heritage’ is like a beauty with a grenade – nice and smooth combined with heavier elements. ‘Heritage’ is definitely an interesting album for rock fans and a nice break for metalheads into heavier sonorities.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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