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Black Sabbath – The End

Daniel Lemminkainen 02/02/2016 No Comments on Black Sabbath – The End


 Celebrating their end, the mythical heavy metal band decided to have available on their last shows the EP “The End”, that you can find by their merchandise spot. So what can we expect from their last (for fans only) independent release? 4 new songs and another 4 live songs. The production and song structure it’s very identical to what was done in the last record “13”. “Season of The Dead”, “Cry All Night”, “Take Me Home”, and “Isolated Man” are the new songs and maybe the last ones that will saw the light of day from Black Sabbath. The other ones are live songs: “God Is Dead” live from Sydney, Australia, “Under The Sun” live from Auckland, New Zealand, “End of The Beginning” and “Age of Reason” both live from Hamilton, Canada. All live versions are very well recorded, almost as we were there on the backstage. Drums in studio were played by Brad Wilk, and the producer was Rick Rubin. As for the original members, Ozzy Osbourne on the vocals, Tony Iommi on guitar, and Geezer Butler on bass, all of them mastered really well their roles in the songs. Who knows never forgets right? It’s almost a side B from “13”, a journey back to what they did in the beginning of their career. The End is near.




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