Tuesday 07th February 2023,
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Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror

Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror


 There’s one kind of bands, the immortal ones, that due the amount of talent of each member can produce sonic pearls no matter the state of inspiration that they’re in. Blind Guardian is just one of those bands. Maybe because the last album was probably one of the best of their career, and the long wait, the expectation was high and here it is “Beyond the Red Mirror”. So let’s hear what’s behind the mirror: stunning intro epic song is what you can wait from “The Ninth Wave”, a great welcome to a journey that continues with “Twilight of The Gods”, “Prophecies”, and “At the Edge of Time”, songs that will definitely ring for some weeks in the hears of anyone. Then the album kind of falls in a trance… still with that quality but not that geniality that the band shown in previous records. A final word to the new acoustic hymn “Miracle Machine”, which is one of those ballads that only a band with a huge talent can record.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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