Tuesday 20th October 2020,
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BLIZZEN – Genesis Reversed


Blizzen is a German traditional  heavy/speed metal group from Weilmünster and was formed in 2014. In 2015 they released an EP with 5 tracks which showed us a little what we can expect of this young formation.

This year, on 27th May, they released their first full length album “Genesis Reversed”.
After an acoustic intro the album explodes on the first track with killer music “Trumpets of the Gods” who, for sure, please the ears of any old-school heavy metal fan. The band even uses the early 80’s style production sound. The second and the rest of the songs float between mid tempo songs, with many choirs that are common throughout the album, being some of the fastest songs with insane guitar carousel work, filled with killer riffs and some melody. The entire album drinks the best of what was made in the 80’s in this genre. Not only regarding the German heavy metal as the early Accept albuns or the German band Tyrant, but also drink a little of the NWOBHM scene, like some of the firsts Judas Priest albums and some Iron Maiden (the albuns with Paul Di’Anno) stuff. For classical heavy metal lovers this album fits like a glove, and reveals maturity in this formation even though it’s so young.

Guitars accelerations, choirs, melody, explosive drums, distinct “tempos”, good technical details, this album breathes just old and healty heavy metal without frills or complaints. And sometimes is good to return to the past.




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