Saturday 31st July 2021,
The Black Planet

Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral


I wasn´t very excited when the first 2 advanced songs “United In Pain” and the title track “Grand Morbid Funeral” came out along the news that Nick Holmes would be the vocalist in this new album. The ideia I had from Bloodbath is that would a band of friends reviving their old days and play old school death metal the way it used to be back in their teenage years, when everything began in Sweden. I still don’t know after listen to this if the main idea still stands or if they want to take this project further. Guess only time will tell… back to the album. Boys and girls, the first 6 songs are a deadly blast totally neck breaking, annihilating everything and everyone, and this is what Bloodbath stands for, no compromise rip fucking death metal, with shredding guitars all over the place, a drumming that could even awake the dead, and with Nick Holmes surprising growls taking the songs further. Then the album falls in a trance only interrupted by “”My Torturer”. So in resume folks, this album is not a waste of time has you and me would think. Let the funeral blast your ears!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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