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Bombus – Repeat Until Death

Daniel Lemminkainen 03/03/2016 No Comments on Bombus – Repeat Until Death
Bombus – Repeat Until Death


 Good dirty rock n’roll influenced by metal, is not easy to find, nor a task that every band is up for, but luckily for all of us, we have Bombus. They’re back with “Repeat Until Death” after the great “The Poet and the Parrot”. So will we repeat this record until death? We have a very good beginning with “Eyes on the Price”, the melodic “Rust”, followed by the song who has a videoclip “Deadweight”, and “Horde of Flies”.

Afterwards seems that the songs ask for some more. We hear that the band actually has a tendency towards sad melodies and counterintuitive riffing, balancing that with clean and harsh vocals here and there. The Swedish group followed the same sound and production as the previous record that put them in the map, and actually some people that don’t like metal could find something interesting in here.

Mastered by Jens Borgen(Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, to name a few), progressively the record ends with “Get Your Cuts”. In the end, we could actually ask why the album seems a bit stuck at some point, despite the quality of the musicians. Although albums in this genre don’t tend to be complex, but must have some kind of feeling in the song writing process, which will reflect in the end, and we figure that out soon enough.The great artwork was created by Ulf Lundén.




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