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BORNHOLM – Primaeval Pantheons

Daniel Lemminkainen 08/01/2017 No Comments on BORNHOLM – Primaeval Pantheons

Almost 3 years after the last record, the Hungarian pagan band Bornholm is back with Primaeval Pantheons, their forth record. The listener will find that the group matured their based black metal sound, adding some interesting melodic lines, arranging the songs in a way who is very similar to previous releases, maintaining the same lyrical content about paganism and heathenism.

Songs like “Eye of Knowledge”, “Atavism”, “Runes of Power”, “Old”, “March of Saturn”, and “Bloodstorm”, are the highlights of an album well done, consistent, with good growlings, powered by some great riffs, and epic atmospheres balanced in a very organic way, almost reminding Dimmu Borgir in their best days, and recent Septic Flesh, but with nothing that new to find out, or ideas that stand out.

Composed by Sahsnot, who did all guitars, keyboards, and vocals, this album shows the versatility and talent of this musician, who had the help of D. on drums, and Hjules on bass. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Viktor “Max” Scheer at Pannonia Studio, and mastered by Paul Ericksen, the listeners of pagan metal will find this release by Bornholm an attractive adding to their discography, since it has everything a fan of the genre can expect, even if it doesn’t have any folk, while other listeners might give it one or two rotations, until they found something else to hear.




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