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Brainsqueezed – Emotions

Vasco Baptista 16/12/2015 No Comments on Brainsqueezed – Emotions

 If prog could be even more alternative, Brainsqueezed would be the perfect match. Well if one considers Brainsqueezed to be prog in the 1st place.

The independant project of unknown, but not less illustrious, Sebastien L. took form along 2015. And he seems quite passioned about L7. If you could put it simply, Brainsqueezed is a mix of L7 with a Steven Wilson’s touch. An a bit of humour at that too. That “80’s” interlude track, it really shows you that is possible to mock with Van Halen in a music song, and be smart about it.
The comparison to the iconic 90’s band is difficult to avoid, even if a self-identity signs are visible.

We can see all of it in emotions, a naive, almost childish, simplicity in the arragements, (especially the vocal ones) in “Stereo” or “In our life”, which almost reminded of a Kymia Dawson song.

But not only the songs are revested w/ magic simplicity. The guitar arrangements as well. Simple, basic chords fill in the basic sound a let an atmosphere of intropective easeness with a satisfying appealing – pop is the word – sound, that grabs you delicately.

Despite the fact that the sound is not agreeable to most, Brainsqueezed wouldn’t surprise if they were to be the next Pitchfork wildcards, namely about the lyrics and the vocal potential that it has. “Again” is the track that could just easily be the intro to any independant movie out there and that depicts that alternative-hipster kind of sound.

Although simple, there’s a lot of work and knowledge into way that is played. And how diverse it is as well. That “Tuesdays night” blues solo is really something. Moreover when you think that is still possible to incorporate grunge sounds into that.

Even young as they are, there is really a maturity and a spontaneous, and a respect to its roots. No one can deny that stereo is a reference to Pink Floyd’s Animals.




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