Sunday 29th January 2023,
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bbd bang bang theory

Portugal is becoming a nest of good underground projects, and most of them, are a force not to be taken lightly on stage. The second album of Brutal Brain Damage shows us a great evolution of a young band, which has everything to be one of those powerful forces live.

The listener can find is this “Bang Bang Theory” 36 minutes of good death metal / grindcore in 20 songs, sharp and direct, with a lot of groove and well produced. The highlights of the record are the tracks “Shoot Your Face”, “Right in the Middle”, “The Gunfather”, “Little Grindhouse”, “Virgin Ass”, “Cowboy Jesus”, “Love Socks”, “Pole Dance Kills”, “Bleed Clit”, and “Far West Outflows”.

The feeling that the listener can get, apart of a great grindcore album with all the elements that fans of the genre can find in these kind of releases, is that it has some far west gang bang movie script ambient attached to it, like if we were listening to a story about Clint Eastwood on a rampage to rape, kill and destroy with a smile on his face, showing no regrets, making this record a bit different, somehow exotic. Brutal Brain Damage is composed by Big on bass and guitars, Marco on guitars, Cami on vocals, and Pedrada on drums, these fellows created a good record released by Vomit Your Shirt, and it is definitely one of the most interesting Portuguese releases of this year.




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