Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Children Of Bodom – I Worship Chaos


 The favorite children of the damned lake Bodom have put the foot on the door once again with “I Worship Chaos”. The first single “Morrigan” is not quite representative of what the album truly is: a smashing display of killer riffs and technical / melodic abilities with breath-taking solos, and a hunger for destruction never seen on previous records. Fast loud tracks like “I Hurt”, “My Bodom (I Am The Only One)”, “Horns”, “I Worship Chaos” and “Hold Your Tongue” show that these musicians can fuse speed with creativity like no one else with the typical COB sound. The typical slow moment of the album, that appears in every record of the band is presented in “Prayer For The Afflicted”, following a formula that his known to the listeners of the band. “Suicide Bomber” seems like a refresh of solos but still kicks ass. Mostly there’s nothing out of the blue in this album, but as usual, these Finns don’t let the audience disappointed, and it’s better to do what you have to do, following the same old production and song structure, than let down the followers. Chaos is being directed to somewhere else. The bonus tracks are “Mistress of Tabboo” from The Plasmatics, “Danger Zone” from Kenny Rogers, and “Black Winter Day” from Amorphis.




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