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CRAZY LIXX – Ruff Justice

Daniel Lemminkainen 11/05/2017 No Comments on CRAZY LIXX – Ruff Justice
Crazy Lixx

Does anyone miss some good sleaze / hard rock? Typically done like if a band had a perfect triggered time machine that would takes us back to the 80’s with their sound? Well, Crazy Lixx might be the answer that the listener is looking for. And their new album “Ruff Justice” has that kind of effect.

When we look at the artwork, we get in our minds the image of an old movie poster. But when the listener puts the record on, despite the very well produced sound (done by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney), and mastered according to the nowadays standards, the songs are still structured and interpreted in the old school way. Just like if we were back in those days. The album starts with two of the most brilliant songs ever written by the band, “Wild Child”, and “XIII” (a true summer hit!), but there’s also other great moments like “Walk the Wire”, “Shot with a Needle of Love”, “Killer”, “Hunter of the Heart”, and ”Live Before I Die”.

This is the first album with the new line-up. The guitars of Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren (the new boys of this freight train), sound very inspired and sharp all along the record. They balance quite well with Danny Rexon’s fantastic voice.

So far, this is probably the best proposal of the genre this year. Since everything here sounds like an adrenaline rush with awesome attitude, rough groove, and good melodies that will glue our ears on these songs for a long time. Overall a great record.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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