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CROSSFIRE – Drifting Ashore

Kasper Pasinski 19/09/2018 Comments Off on CROSSFIRE – Drifting Ashore


“Drifting Ashore” is the debut album of the French folk rock duo Crossfire. Together with The Black Planet we have a chance to break another border and review something totally different thanks to Dooweet Agency.

Starting with the sound itself, its mostly calm acoustic guitars. They are accompanied by the nice, fair voices that can be described as an essence of this record. However, its a nice change from what we usually review. It allowed me to enjoy something different and outside the “metal box”.

The first track which caught my attention on this record was a “Feathers”, the third track. It’s a very calm ballad sang simultaneously by Allison Mareek and Etienne Prieuret. Their pleasant and fair voices are accompanied only by guitar sounds, played by Etienne. It’s a sad and melancholic song, but catchy at the same time.

Just after the light “Feathers”, we have a first track with a bit more power. With some energetic moments, provided by a bass and an electric guitar – no riffs but still much more happening in musical part than in the opening act. “Damaged Goods (I Won’t Settle For)” is maintained in the folk form, similar to tradicional Irish folk songs. The track is nice and refreshing, and bit faster than the rest of the record.

However, my favorite piece from the album became a song called “Colours”. This is a solo presentation of Allison’s vocals, accompanied by some sweet and dreamy music. The song has a very positive sound, almost like the songs from Disney movies, and easily get into the ear of the listener.

In short, “Drifting Ashore” by CrossFire is definitely something we do not usually review in The Black Planet, however, it was nice change of pace. It might not by made of  heavy music, but it has an energy hidden in the songs which is quite interesting. It is definitely a great album to listen to relax to after a long day at work. Recommended to those who don’t mind getting out of the heavy music comfort zone from times to times.


About CrossFire:

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Review by Kasper Pasinski
Managing Editor: Rita Limede



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