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CULT OF ERINYES – Transcendence (EP)

CULT OF ERINYES – Transcendence (EP)

CULT TRANSIn a time where ritualistic and liturgical intros are dominant among Black Metal releases it felt somehow refreshing when Belgian CULT OF ERINYES’s latest EP started playing. The furious and epic beginning of the first ”Degrees of Solitude” turns out to be the fastest section of this effort. It’s a coordinated speed since the beginning.   Besides this note, we also have to warn you that “Transcendence” relies on three tracks of pure occult BM.

The two original ones have in common the detached central lyrics that allow us to commune the main idea of each song. Towards the end of the first track, the second fastest part of this EP flows into a watain-ish riff collection that doesn’t bother. In fact these Belgians aren’t inventing the wheel. Instead they put at their service several experimented weapons. But they seem to choose the right ones.

That’s why the second and calmer “Transcendence” transports us to a darker realm of fear and possession. Turning on their ritual mode, they show themselves well committed to established compositions, but without being out of fashion. In the second track the approach to some older sounds seems more present and its climax is achieved in the third “Pagan Fears”, a superb Mayhem cover. Showing exactly where they come from and what their route plans for the future are, the precision of this execution added by some modernity sparks here and then places CULT OF ERINYES in the front row of the established Belgian BM scene.

Good and faithful BM doesn’t always need to be a NASA creation. Why not drink from the chalice that others already tasted successfully? It’s only a matter of good taste. And in “Transcendence” you’ll find a lot of it.




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