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DALLIAN – Automata

Kasper Pasinski 04/10/2018 Comments Off on DALLIAN – Automata

Dallian is a four-piece Symphonic Metal act from Leiria, Portugal. Their debut album ‘Automata’ was released this year together with Nox Liberatio records.

The album starts with an intro entitled ‘Genesis of Awakening’. This is a short journey into the first proper track called ‘Satori’, translated as ‘awakening’ in Japanese. This song is built by strong and fast guitar riff with a crazy pace supplied by the percussion. The song starts as pure death metal developing in the second part into a more symphonic mood.
The next interesting moment of the record is the track called ‘Corrupt Demiurge’, where the band serve us a nice injection of energy. Here you can listen to strong and fast guitar riffs supported by a powerful keyboard. All spiced up with some middle east sounds and growls that can be found here and there. The most important feature of this song is that is very balanced despite its quick pace and number of ingredients used to create it.
The song ‘A Lullaby for The Wicked’ is a very particular type of lullaby. The song starts with a gentle piano introduction but quickly erupts with a guitar riff that melts the listener, marking an extreme change of pace. In my opinion this is the best piece on the whole record.
The album closes with an instrumental track, ‘A Closure in Crisis’. This is one of the gentlest sounds on the whole record. While the piano/guitar combination is maintained throughout the track, there is also small glimpse of violins to complement the song into a perfect and melancholic way.

There is no doubts that Dallian enters the metal scene with a strong debut. The album is an interesting and well created piece of music designed for any symphonic death metal fan. It has all the necessary elements, and it shows a very good balance between its hard and more delicate parts. The band set the bar high for themselves and I hope they manage to keep the high quality on their next release.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
Managing editor: Elsa Marques



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