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Daniel Lemminkainen 18/11/2016 No Comments on DARK TRANQUILLITY – Atoma


Coming back after 3 years and with a new formation, Dark Tranquillity presents “Atoma”, a new release composed by 12 songs of melodic death metal like only them can deliver. The collective of Gothenburg shows an album that follows the line of previous records like “We Are the Void”, and “Construct”, with a production and sound very alike.

Songs like “Encircled”, “Neutrality”, “Faithless by Default”, “Our Proof of Life”, and the singles “Atoma”, “Forward Momentum”, and “The Pitiless”, are really good moments of an album that will fill the void of melody for most of the death metal fans. The listener will find nothing that new, but it’s still like any other album of the band, defies the senses through the technic of their musicians.

Nowadays the formation is composed by Anders Iwers on bass, Anders Jivarp on drums, NiklasSundin on guitars, maintaining Mikael Stanne on vocals, and Martin Brändström on keyboards, who also did the production of the album. Most members handled the songwriting process of this record, trying to bring new ideas to the songs, as Mikael focused on lyrics. Jens Bogren did the mastering, and David Castillo did the mixing.

We can say that this is an album, which continues the good old fashion tradition of good records of the Swedish group flowing organically in the ears of the listener until the end. We’ll hear also that the voice of Mikael balances really in most of the songs (growlings and clean vocals). In sum, it’s a good record to listen to, with a lot of piano melodic lines, but since Fiction, there’s nothing that new in the world of Dark Tranquillity, that could really make the listener levitate.




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