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Filipe Gomes 23/05/2016 No Comments on DARKESTRAH – Turan

After three years from the release of “Манас” and some changes of line-up (even the vocalist) Darkestrah released their 6th full-length album: “Turan”.

Although the band is currently located in Germany, their music still carries influences from their homeland, Kyrgyzstan, and this record keeps the tradition going. Darkestrah presents us six long yet magnificent songs of pagan black metal, and right since the beginning of the album, the howling wind, the cawing of the crows, the spoken words, right down until the last second, the band surpassed itself and released a masterpiece. Some epic symphonic elements played with keyboards coupled with the use of traditional folk instruments and sometimes with throat singing, create a contrast and an ethereal atmosphere against the icy guitar riffs, the drum blast beats and the vocals that pierce deeper than any serrated knife. It’s easy to imagine ourselves in the Eurasian steppe, in the middle of a silent and calm snowfall, soon to be harassed by a strong blizzard.

The album lasts over 50 minutes and not a minute of it feels boring or weary.




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