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Dean Wallace – Metal Family

Dean Wallace – Metal Family

Dean-WallaceIn my view it should be called Metal Classic instead. Briefly Dean Wallace’s Metal Family is the Metallica’s Black Album revisited, with a small addition of Load.
In fact the album grasps you from the 1st second on, and you can almost feel that the vocal performance is credited to James Hetfield. Indeed, Dean has a profound voice, very classic, despite its youngness. The only downside is its singularity (or the absence of it).
Even still, Dean’s voice certainly has all the traits and skills of a truly metal frontman, comparable to the already mentioned James Hetfield or Mustaine’s.

But not only voice and attitude resumes the man to be. Metal is all about 6-string potential, and Dean certainly brings that card to the table. The knowledge of the guitar extensive, and grabs you. The quality of the riffs are superb, although the comparison w/ the A-Class trash shit its unavoidable. The rhythm is catchy, very compassed, the kind of songs that purge you to follow on.

The intro track “Get Away From My Home” almost misleads you to the fact that Call of Ktulu might be playing, to suddenly open up the redneck feeling.
Due to the fact that Wallace covered Metallica for so long, he was unable to shake off this mask, becoming somewhat trapped in its innuendo. But to imitate the greatest and still remain original, is in itself an accomplishment, despite the fact that you’re sensing in and around that you might be listening to a new Metallica album.

The album is filled w/ great tracks all of them easily listenable, shall it be the tough “Our Only Chance” or the melodic “The Ferryman of My soul”, and you can see the achievement in composing and especially the technique.
The songs progress when expected (in the good sense), giving a true vibe of harmony. A must listen


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