Monday 06th February 2023,
The Black Planet


 Death Valley Girls from California, are the ultimate example of how rock n’roll can fuse different genres into a consistent pack of songs, keeping the tradition of bands that come  from that California.

Fusing old school rock n’roll with a psychedelic 70’s touch merged in an old punk club by the side of a dusty road, their second album “Glow In The Dark” is an extraordinary exercise of laid back rock. Star shinning melodies and a typical kick ass attitude from the boogie and the glam side of rock.

Songs like “Glow In The Dark”, “Disco”, “Death Valley Boogie”, “SeisSeisSeis”, the transcendent and psychedelic journey “Pink Radiation”, the girls can also do it song “I’m a Man Too”, and “Horror Movie” are some of the best examples of an album that will surprise even the most skeptical listener unfamiliar with this genre.

The band is influenced by the night time and it’s formed by Bonnie Bloomgarden on vocals (thrilling by the way) and guitars, Patty Schemel on drums, Nikki Pickle on bass, and Larry Schemel on second guitar. This band can go from garage rock to blues and managed to blend on this album many different genres of rock in a consistent balance. All of this will wake up the listener senses, in a revolutionary way keeping things as simple and defying.

There isn’t one single bad song in this record, and everything seems brilliant, from the production to the fuzzing of those guitars. Bottom line, give yourself a chance and put these Death Valley Girls in your stereo.




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