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Carlos Pereira 12/10/2017 Comments Off on DECAPITATED – Anticult
Decapitated Anticult

The new album from Polish death metal band Decapitated was released on 7th of July and is named “Anticult”.  Composed by only eight songs, the highly awaited seventh studio full-length took three years to make and shows us a band which sounds more mature and becomes closer to the Death/Groove scene, rather than the Technical Death from the past records. The band has got a new bass player on the line-up, Hubert Więcek, and his work is noticeable. In the guitar work, Vogg appears again as a riff demon like a resurrected Dimebag Darrel, due to the many similarities in some rhythm guitar parts, but always keeping his own identity intact.

Songs like “Never”, “Kill the Cult” or “Earth Scar” are the perfect example of the kind of Groove Metal characteristics that the band has been exploring since “Carnival Is Forever”. Some songs might please Pantera or Lamb of God fans. They are heavy, modern, direct and with the typical rhythm of a groovy band that stays heavy nevertheless. In other hand we have tracks with noteworthy Tech Death details like in the old Decapitated days. For instance, we can listen to “One-Eyed Nation”, “Anger Line” or “Impulse”, but these songs never miss the modern parts. The changing rhythms and the mixing of groovy riffs with Tech Death influences can be associated to the likes of Gojira or even Meshuggah. Amazing job made by Vogg.

Like in the last two albums, the voice of Rafał Piotrowski isn’t your typical death metal growl, but is closer to a modern thrash metal band harsh screaming.

So, Decapitated deliver a short, yet effective album. That is the only main “con”, but it’s a good album. It might take a while to grow in you, but it contains great songs, amazing riffs, catchy choruses that will stick to head for days. We have in hands an extreme modern metal effort with some technical nuances, for fans of Lamb of God, Sepultura, Gojira or Meshuggah.


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Review by Carlos Pereira
Managing Editor: Filipe Gomes




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