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Decline of the I – Rebellion

Decline of the I – Rebellion


 “Rebellion” is the second release by Decline of the I, via Agonia Records, a label known to bet on some of the best pearls the European underground scene has to offer, and one of the finest examples of what is done in the post-black metal scene.

The intro track, “Lowe degree of God’s might” sets the tone for the ambience felt in this record. Musically speaking it is a pit of delusion and darkness, with a gothic twist, that takes you on a journey through your most destructive inner thoughts, which lasts until the very last note of the final song, “On est bien peu de chose”.

Throughout the record pace is heavy and slow, and the sound is raw, like the human emotions. The guitars give it a melodic touch and the different voices a more theatrical feel. The interludes in French spoken word and the choir in the middle give it an even bigger feeling of the occult and darkness.This album is more than just music, it’s a philosophical experience. Songs like “Hexenface” and “Deus Sive Musica” are the ones that stand out the most.

This record is a very solid release which one day might become a cult one, and the music itself is a sole reminder that our demons live amongst us. Recommended to everyone who likes black metal and heavy music that transcends barriers.

Words by: Rita Limede



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