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Def Leppard – Def Leppard

Daniel Lemminkainen 08/11/2015 No Comments on Def Leppard – Def Leppard

 One of the bands that made some of the biggest hard rock hits back in the 80’s and survived the 90’s with some eternal radiophonic tracks, are back to their roots with a brand new album with their own name. So does the old formula still works in times like these where everything is almost invented, and designed to be consumed faster than a bullet from a gun? What they did was take a good listening to Pyromania and Hysteria, to create a rainbow bridge of good vibes between them, grab a production to make the record sound as close as it could sound like the good old days,pack some licking riffs as you’ll hear for example in “Let’s Go”, “Dangerous”, “Broken N’Brokenhearted”, “Forever Young”, and here we have: a rock FM album that could pump in every car stereo, making us time travel, and doesn’t matter what age we have. The rhythmic section was always something that this band watched carefully and in songs like “Man Enough” and “Invincible”, we can hear that they still have that special talent to work around it and make it sound great like if was some kind of magic. “We Belong”, and “Last Chance” are ballads that could had been written in the 90’s, but gladly to all of us, makes more sense to be released now after all these years, since they sound very nostalgic. “Sea of Love”, “Energized”, and“Battle of My Own”, are pop dripping songs with that rock feeling that the band always had, and this will delight most of the fans. To end, “All Time High” is a track that sums what this record is all about.




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