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DEMENTIA – Persona

Kasper Pasinski 11/12/2017 Comments Off on DEMENTIA – Persona

Dementia debut album “Persona” is very hard to pinhole into one genre. This French band provides a solid dose of hard guitar based music that dwells somewhere between rock and metal.

Persona starts with an Intro track and after that there is a mix of fast and heavy, catchy and doom like tracks. “Too Long”, alongside with “Lies”, the first single released from this record, are the most catchy songs in the album. In the more up-tempo tracks, that caracterize the band style, you will find “Speedball”, “Love Tonight”, “Reason To Call” and “Red Panda”. Track like “Hate” and “Enter Phoenix” are hitting harder tunes with vocals mixed with growling, that give the listener an energy shot. Proving the album versatility, you have “Drive” that is somehow closer to doom metal. There is also time to discover a more sentimental side of Dementia in the ballads “Endgame” and “Little Boat”.  “Little Boat” closes this album, and to be highlighted is the fact that most of the track is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, finishing with a smooth guitar solo.

Presenting such a varied amount of styles, from heavy metal to slow romantic ballads, Dementia proved they are unwilling to be pinned into a single musical genre. Persona is based on guitar riffs and melodies that easily become ear-worms, making it a good recommendation for all the fans of late 90’s metal bands.

6 / 10

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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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