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DEMOTIONAL – Discovery

RenataLino 11/10/2017 Comments Off on DEMOTIONAL – Discovery
dEmotional Discovery

dEmotional is a Swedish band which mixes melodic death metal with alternative and electronic elements. “Discovery” is their 3rd full-length effort. In a first impression, it continues the style explored in the previous 2 records “Tarassis” (2014) and “State Of Denial” (2013).

Even if the most famous expressions in the music scene is “punk’s not dead”, this can be applied to every single music genre – no matter how low the scene goes in popularity ranks, there’s always a handful of bands keeping the scene alive. That’s more or less what dEmotional are doing with pop metal, emphasis on “less”. At least on the “metal” part. Quoting their Facebook page, “aggressive metal with a touch of clean melodies”. Actually, the order of these characteristics should be written in reverse – which should only be a problem in the proportion of one’s proneness to mainstream. But even from a pop-rock angle, “Discovery” isn’t a very flashy record. Christopher Kristensen’s voice is still impressive, and the whole band’s performance vibrant, but the songwriting is pretty beaten. The synths, apart from “Monster”, sound like recycled samples from other songs – both their own and other bands’. Unfortunately, it gets too Pop-ish indeed.

Curious enough, “Discovery” was produced by Pontus Hjelm, whose own band Dead By April went through the same path, also when releasing their third album (“Let The World Know”). So it’s impossible not to wonder if this is the natural (d)evolution of the genre or simply Hjelm’s influence, in these cases.

We hope these cons will become steps for dEmotion to climb on and evolve.


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Review by Renata Lino
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