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Destroyer 666 – Wildfire

Daniel Lemminkainen 02/03/2016 No Comments on Destroyer 666 – Wildfire


 The triumphant return of one of the most blaspheme thrash metal bands happen with “Wildfire”, the new record of the Australian legends Destroyer 666, almost 7 years in between the last release. We can hear on this new album to what the band is known for with a better drum production, but still with fast and raw guitars that will captivate some new fans and make the delight of the old ones.

“Traitor”, “Live and Burn”, and the single “Wildfire”, are brilliant exercises of how thrash metal should sound, making even the most skeptical listener, that this is something special. But the band didn’t want to just blast our ears, they’ve prepared for us brilliant epic songs like “Hymn To Dyonisus”, and the last one “TamamShud”, that have that hellish doom feeling around with some majestic guitar solos. “Hounds at YaBack”, and “White Line Fever” are also very good songs from these wolves.Through it all, K.K.’s blackened snarl has continued spitting out intelligent, fist-pumping lyrics about war, nihilism, and Jungian philosophy, along with ample references to wolves and even amusing personal outbursts.

The production hits the wall at some point, but nevertheless, we can hear what matters the most (guitars) with vicious anger. By the end we’ll have the sensation that this how an iconic record should sound and how to make a return after such a long time.




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