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DESTRUCTION – Thrash Anthems II

Daniel Lemminkainen 25/11/2017 Comments Off on DESTRUCTION – Thrash Anthems II

An iconic thrash metal act like Destruction, one of the big Teutonic 4, doesn’t need a great introduction. If we look at the history of this band, that alone speaks for itself. Based on that history, the band have now released a compilation of re-recorded old material. This was set in away that we recommend every thrash metal fan yo give it a listen. As well as all metalheads in general.

“Thrash Anthems II”, a new compilation, is in its form a new release of older classic tracks. In here, the listener will find songs like “Confused Mind”, “Black Mass”, “Dissatisfied Existence”, “United by Hatred”, “Black Death”, “The Antichrist” or even “Confound Games”, just to name a few. There’s also a cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” that closes the record.

This new spin on strength , production and groove helped these songs gain a new life. Something that definitely will attract new fans to the Destruction camp. This second attempt had a few setbacks. However, Destruction turned to its fans through Pledge Music and made it happen. Nuclear Blast seeing that the new generations of thrashers were activated, and even participating to the choice of the songs that would be re-recorded, was then responsible for its release.

In all, this wasn’t an easy job, since in 2007 they had already used songs from “Infernal Overkill”, “Eternal Devastation”, “Release From Agony” and “Cracked Brain”. This “new” record is entirely shaped to be played live, despite these songs might not being as much as big hits, like the ones we’ve previously listen on “Thrash Anthems”. However, all in all makes this a different compilation, worth of listening to. Definitely a new addition that will fit well in every thrash metal discography.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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