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DESTRUCTION – Under Attack

Daniel Lemminkainen 07/06/2016 No Comments on DESTRUCTION – Under Attack


 One of the Big Teutonic 4 of German thrash metal, Destruction, mad butchers that need no introduction, returns with their 14th album “Under Attack”. Maintaining the old school sound with killer riffs adapted to a moderngroovy production, we can hear that the album sound catchy and rapid sometimes, due the pumping drum workthat was recorded by Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios, Germany, leaving the mixing and mastering to V.O. Pulver, done at Little Creek Studios, Switzerland.

As final result, we can hear that these thrashers didn’t change a thing, shredding their way as they only know through another record that lacks a big hit, if something like that is asked in a thrash record. We can hear that despite of having nothing out of the blue, this album satisfies every thrash metal listener, showing a band that after all these years, still can deliver cool thrash tracks.

Songs like “Under Attack”, “Generation Nevermore”, “Pathogenic”, “Elegant Pigs”, “Second To None”, “Conductor of the Void”,and “Stigmatized”, will leave the listener pretty satisfied with a sore neck. Adding to this, there’s a cover of Venom, “Black Metal” with the collaboration of Alex Camargo on the vocals, and an instrumental “Thrash Attack”. This record that talks about the annihilation of the earth by mankind (who else right?), might not blow us away, but Destruction will always be more than just a band, it’s a Thrash institution, and if you can catch them live near you, don’t hesitate and go thrash with them.




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