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DEUS VERMIN – Monument Of Decay

Filipe Gomes 10/07/2018 Comments Off on DEUS VERMIN – Monument Of Decay

In this overpopulated scene, once in a while a band stands out from the rest. Whether it’s because of their unique image, or sonority, or simply because their music is incredibly good (or bad) and they get involved in some hype. Deus Vermin is one of those bands.

Coming from the United Kingdom, formed in 2014, this quintet  released a demo in 2017 and now debuts a more solid release in the shape of this “Monument of Decay” EP. After a quick first listening, one can say that these guys don’t kid around. This record contains five punishing songs (plus an intro), and it is suffocating, crushing, merciless and remarkable. The sickening guitar riffs of songs like “Worms” or “Shrine” allied with the haunting growling vocals create a hellish atmosphere. Another important aspect worth mentioning is the great and perfectly-fitting drum work provided by Gareth Hodgson, known for his fantastic work in A Forest Of Stars.

In the overall shape and form, we can find influences of acts like Grave Miasma, Ulcerate or their fellows UK comrades Dragged Into Sunlight. Also we can spot a few dissonant riffing in the vein of Deathspell Omega in songs like “Shrine”. The musical structures dwell between furious blasting and chaotic riffing with the occasional mid-tempo sections filled with dissonant riffs. But it is done quite well, so there aren’t any weird passages or sections which feel out of place or random. The fact that this EP is a good 20 minutes of hell in the shape of music, leaves you craving for more. And that’s how it should make you feel. It’s short, it’s crushing, it excels on making the listener want to press that play button again. There are no fillers here, only killer tracks.

Overall, “Monument of Decay” is Filthy Blackened Death metal at is finest. Definitely a band to watch out for if you appreciate extreme death/black metal.


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Review by Filipe Gomes
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