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Daniel Lemminkainen 22/05/2018 Comments Off on DIMMU BORGIR – Eonian

It took 7 years for us to listen something new from the Dimmu Borgir camp. Celebrating the mark of 25 years of existence, their 10th album “Eonian” is a long waited record. Dimmu Borgir are a band that always took a step forward each time they’ve released an album, breaking barriers, and surprising with the incorporation of dense symphonic masterpieces.

This new album follows the same formula, as one might expect from Dimmu Borgir, along with some new elements. Starting with “The Unveiling” , which is an atmospheric track that serves like introduction to this new musical path of symphonic discovery. This new journey has one its highlights in the tracks “Interdimensional Summit”, “Lightbringer”, and “Alpha Aeon Omega”. However, these might be considered the typical songs for someone who is familiar with this band; in these songs you can expect a lot of orchestrations, strong riffs, and dark gloomy piano melodies.

One of the big surprises from this album, is the track “Council of Wolves and Snakes”, that combines some folk elements (not festive kind). In here, they explore a new line of work, that will defy the listener from start to end. The tracks“Ætheric”, and “I Am Sovereign”, are also worth mentioning. These are strong songs, embodying an album full of melody, which will delight the listeners who like the melodic side of the band.

As special guests are concern, this new opus counts with the participation of Mikkel Gaup in the joik, and Martin Lopez in the percussion. The orchestrations are the work of Francesco Ferrini, and choirs by the Schola Cantrum Choir, which are on point. The album was mixed and recorded by Jens Bogren. The vocalist Shagrath also did the mixing, and alongside with Silenoz and Galder, wrote this album.

In short, this new Dimmu Borgir’s record shows us a band that after all these years still can deliver good songs. However, the step taken this time might almost for sure divide their fan base.


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