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DIRTY RAVEN – Rust For Blue

Ricardo Pereira 19/12/2018 Comments Off on DIRTY RAVEN – Rust For Blue

This rock n’ roll trio from Marne, France is sure to get a few heads banging! Dirty Raven’s dirty mix of grunge, punk, alternative rock and stoner. It is without a doubt an interesting and explosive concoction which is sure to fill the hunger of heavy and groovy music. Their latest EP, titled “Rust For Blue”, is yet another interpretation of the aforementioned mix, and it sounds stone-crushingly great!

Dirty Raven’s influences on this EP are perfectly perceivable, and they will definitely leave you nostalgic if you’re old enough to feel so. From “Hell on Heel’s” Nirvana-esque voice and riffs to the Mastodon-like ambience of “U.F.O.”, it’s like each song in this EP turns out to be a tribute to well-established bands, which some would point as Dirty Raven’s biggest flaw. However, it would be unfair to base our appreciation of “Rust For Blue” on this particular detail, because it simply sounds good!

The voice sounds powerful, dynamic and emotionally deep, the guitar tones are fuzzy, yet heavy and full of depth. Bass and drums do their job, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the band, and the overall production value on this EP is very good, it sounds clean but not overly produce, which stylistically would go completely against the band’s sound. Also, their compositions are simply fun to listen to, making “Rust For Blue” a the perfect companion for long roadtrips or for you just feel like listening to some crushing stoner/doom riffs laced with pure rock n’ roll and sprinkled with grunge.

Overall, Dirty Raven’s latest studio work is a very promising work which, despite a certain lack of sonic identity, holds up pretty well within its genre and promises to please rock fans across the board.


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Review by Ricardo Pereira
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