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Luís Pinto 07/12/2017 Comments Off on DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND / INSOMNIA ISTERICA (Split)

Disfigured Human Mind and Insomnia Isterica have joined forces to bring us another split, “Morbid Schizophrenic Minds in the Cabaret Noisecore”. This is just one of the many that both bands have made with so many other bands along their lifespan, released through Murder Records and L’è Tütt Folklor Records. An effort that could have easily go unnoticed among so many other releases in such short time.

The Disfigured Human Mind side of the split is called “Morbid Schizophrenic Minds”. Not much to can be said about the sound of this side of the split, as it has seven songs compiled within one. There is nothing setting each song apart and every one of them was improvised and filled with total noise and static. You can listen to some random riffs occasionally, constant screaming with tons of reverb and almost nonstop drum beats that cannot be deciphered due to all the other noise in the background. This set of songs, is not for everyone and most listeners will find this unbearable and distasteful. But noise lovers will find some delight in some slight variations of the sound, specially the screams, which sometimes overwhelms the music in a particularly inexplicable but unique away.

On the other hand, Insomnia Isterica brings us a more coherent grindcore sound, still without leaving the rawness behind. Once again, with eight songs compiled into one, “Cabaret Noisecore” delivers us what we can perceived as being a continuous grindcore jam session between the band, as you can hear the band talking to each other while playing. The guitar is full of distortion, playing some “hysteric” punkish grind riffs, with nothing new added to usual recipe. The drums can sometimes be lost in the middle of the big amount of noise coming from the guitar. Fast d-beat and blast beats are applied in the same old fashion way. While the vocals are what you would expect from a grindcore band, with deep growls and lots of screaming, we can sometimes hear a few, silly vocals that almost sound like an old lady augmenting with us. Weird to say the least.

In conclusion, only the Insomnia Isterica side of the split might have some appeal to the general public, as the Disfigured Human Mind side will only appeal to noise fans. This is a release that feels like it was mindlessly rushed from both bands, with no new or creative content to be added to the already crowded underground music scene. This record should only be heard by the fans of the each respective sub-genre, whom might find some enjoyment in it.


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Review by Luís Pinto
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