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DRAKWALD – Riven Earth

Daniel Lemminkainen 22/09/2016 No Comments on DRAKWALD – Riven Earth


Released as an independent record, the second album of Drakwald “Riven Earth”, is a pagan metal record influenced by the Nordic folk and culture.

Recorded in Dome Studio, the listener will find here the typical folk flute / bagpipes melodies and some epic arrangements, within a heavy almost death metal sound, that sometimes dwells in between the thrash riffing and the mid-tempo leads for the chorus to come in, or for the melody of the flute gets noticed. These are of course, smart moves during the composing of the songs, as we’ll hear those in “Doomsday Argument”, “Erase by Fire”, “Primal Dawn”, “Rebirth”, “Despair of the Last Men”, “Murdering the Darkness”, “Echo of Memories”, and the great finale “Blood and Glory”.

The listener will hear that the album flows really well from start to end, clearly influenced by the latest years pagan metal bands that have appeared like for example Ensiferum, Eluveitie, or Manegarm. Although it has nothing that we didn’t heard before in terms of song writing, sound, or format. Still we’ll hear a good production but a mixing that lacks something else. Counting with Marc on lead guitar, Thibaud on vocals and bass, Bertrand on bagpipes and flutes, Maxime Dugué on drums, and Simon on rhythm guitars.

This is a band that knows what every member has to do to make it work, and performs it skillfully, with enough variation to not make the record another boring one.





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