Wednesday 08th February 2023,
The Black Planet

Drudkh / Grift – Betrayed By The Sun / Mirages

After the last album “A Furrow Cut Short” and the split “The one that talks to Fog / Pyre Era, Black!” released in a collaboration of Hades Almighty, Drudkh, the band led by Roman Salienko joins Grift, Erik Gärdafors’ one-man project to create a new split. “His Spring of Twenty-Four” was written by the poet Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (1909-1937) and the poet’s “Autumn in Sepia” (person who was born in Latvia, Johansen (1895-1937).

The title track begins in a fast pace marked by fast beats and aggressive vocals denoting a certain despair. Halfway into the first minute the rhythm softens and allows the listener to recover his breath a little and appreciate the atmosphere that is being created. Here, Drudkh returns to its progressive elements, mixing lighter passages with more intense moments. “Autumn in Sepia” also features a more accelerated rhythm combined with a more melodic, cold and painful composition, aggressive vocals and the introduction of a choir.

Grift also presents us with a pair of compositions based on a mix of atmospheric black metal presents a more ambient-orientated sound with some shoegaze influences. As his songs are slow with a despairing vocal style, transmitting quite well Erik’s expression of nihilism and insignificance of the humanity, drowning the listener introspection. The song “Källan” establishes an initial contact with Nature in the shape of slow, essentially melodic moments. Hardly one can listen to a big beat difference with the guitar riffs sound soft and emotional.

Both project’s work complement one another quite well, making the album quite solid. This is an inevitable recommendation for fans of bands like Sólstafir, Ulver, and Agalloch. Released by Season of Mist Underground Activists.




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