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DYING FETUS – Wrong One to Fuck With

Everyone who follows Dying Fetus since the mid-90s and who like to think they know the band were given a kick in the nuts with the release of “Reign Supreme” in 2012. The band achieved such a high-quality work that any future Dying Fetus’ record would have to be something of interstellar proportion to stand up to its predecessor. “Wrong One To Fuck With” is not such an album, sad to say. Certain factors have to be taken into account when judging both records as none of them is mediocre, far from it.

While “Reign Supreme” saw the band following a much more technical death metal style, in “Wrong One To Fuck With” there is a clear wind of change towards the brutal / slam death metal. The band remains accurate and very technical and Gallagher’s guitar, low-tuned as it is, speak volumes about the aforementioned change. Also in line with this change is Beasley’s more guttural and low voice efforts. Notwithstanding, this time around the band bets heavier on brutality than on the patterns that separate Dying Fetus from any second line band. Fact well represented in “Reign Supreme”, one of the band’s best albums so far.

There are ups as well, of course: “Wrong One to Fuck With” ’s production is much purer than the previous installment. If in “Reign Supreme” Williams’ snare always reminds of the typical fake tin sound that plagues the deathcore / djent trend, here the drums reach a summit of natural sound that is unprecedented in Dying Fetus’ career. The guitar hooks and solos in “Die With Integrity” are as addictive as brown sugar, and the changeover to a (yet again) more slam oriented style is also great to hear, even if this specific genre is becoming oversaturated.

However, the album in general becomes predictable and somewhat sullen after a couple of tries. All in all, it’s easy to consider “Wrong One to Fuck With” an elite album, undoubtedly, but with the added down of being a few notches below “Reign Supreme”.



Review by João Correia
Managing Editor: Elsa Marques




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