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Eis – Bannstein

Daniel Lemminkainen 07/10/2015 No Comments on Eis – Bannstein

 Bannstein is the second record of Eis, after they renamed the band from Geist. This long waited album is nothing more than a continuation where Wetterkreuz was left. The elements are all in here: the german dark lyrics, talking about inner thoughts and struggles, journeys trough grey paths, and the feeling that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. The guitars and drums follow the same structure of the previous record, so there’s nothing unexpected but to hear great compositions and let them lead the listener trough the mist. Keyboards don’t overtake the songs, but clearly they make a point in all the songs, giving them deep and that orchestral touch, so well-known when it comes to this genre. May not be a masterpiece, but it’s a good record, totally shaped for winter days and nights as you’ll hear in songs like “Ein Letztes Menetekel”, “Im Noktuarium” (the violin in the end gives some kind of magic to this one), the powerfull but still with melodic parts “Uber der Bannstein”, and “Im Schoß der welken Blätter” which marks the end of album after astonishing show of heaviness with a melancholic message and melody.




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