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Daniel Lemminkainen 01/06/2016 No Comments on ELECTRIC CITIZEN – Higher Time
Electric Citizen

Electric Citizen returns with a new album. Stoner rock bands are the latest trend on the block for the metal / rock scene, and we all know that when a new trend emerges, a lot of bands come up and some are not that impressive.

Definitely, not the case of these Americans female front voiced stoners from Cincinnati, Ohio, Electric Citizen. Their second album “Higher Time”, a 40 minutes time wrap, sounds so fresh with a lot of good ideas coming from the 70’s rock, digging up sweet psych harmonies, mixed with a heavy doom flow, ending in a very organic track list, guided by the beautiful voice of Laura Dolan. Thanks to the producer Brian Olive that recorded the album at The Diamonds Studio, Ohio, and the Black Keys’ engineer Collin Dupuis, that did the mixing at Nashville’s famed Easy Eye Studios, the guitars of Ross Dolan and Randy Proctor sound so beautifully retro, that will make us play the record all over again, as we’ll hear in songs like “Evil”, “Social Phobia”, “Misery Keeper”, “Golden Mean”, and “Devils In The Passing Time”. The keyboards give a nice perfume and deep to the tracks, making us time travel into the classy pits of rock n’roll. Every detail in this record is carefully arranged, making the spell work for us, as we’ll listen in songs like “Higher Time”, “Ghost of Me”, “Natural Law”, and “Crux”. The drums of Nate Wagner, never in any circumstance, overcome the essence of the songs, and the listener can hear perfectly that the tempo of these songs has something magical.

“Two Hearted Woman” ends a catchy and addictive record, which will makes us hit the play again, or if the listener don’t know Electric Citizen debut, check out for “Sateen”, after listening to one of the pearls of 2016.


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