Saturday 20th April 2024,
The Black Planet

Electric Wizard – Time To Die

electric wizard cover

“They wanna get high before they die”. Maybe it’s the most remarkable sentence of the new Eletric Wizard album “Time To Die” and it couldn’t make more since the proposing trip is to go far beyond the limits of distortion, smoke, and sub conscious evil. Find out the deeps of darkness in almost every song like Incense For the Damned, Time To Die, and We Love the Dead, but it’s in Funeral of Your Mind that something goes darker, something goes even further along the riff, the smoke gets thicker, we don’t feel like opening the eyes cause the body is paralyzed, it’s out of the this world, and don’t feel like coming back anymore. Records like this one, don’t come out very often unfortunately, but I’m glad that bands like this one still exists. And the path goes on until we find that is no way out.  Why can´t metal be like this anymore?

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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