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ELUVEITIE – Evocation II: Pantheon

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Eight years after “Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion”, the second totally acoustic album of the Swiss pagan band Eluveitie is released under the title “Evocation II: Pantheon”.

Compared to the first effort, this new record presents more matured songs and introduces the new members to the fan. These people seem to give everything that they have in these songs, and show that managed to fit as quickly as possible in a band that last year was re-shaped in terms of member lineup. “Evocation II: Pantheon” takes folk music to a whole new level. It shows us captivating songs with a lot of beautiful melodies, as we can listen in “Epona”, “Nantosvelta”, “Grannos”, “Cernvnnos”, “Catvrix”, “Aventia”, and “Antvmnos”. These are some of the best moments of an organic and smooth album that goes along 18 tracks. “Lvgvs” features Netta Skog from Ensiferum on the accordion. Adding this participation of Brendan Wade’s on the Uilleann Pipes, the album is a feast of melodic folk tunes. Some are more melancholic, some more danceable, but altogether create a great impact at first listen, something that lacked in the first release.

Fabienne Erni introduces herself as the the new female vocalist of the band while also playing celtic harp and mandola. Her debut shows not only that she’s a talented vocalist, but also a quite skilled musician. Michalina Malisz on the hurdy gurdy, Matteo Sisti (bagpipes, whistles, mandola), and Nicole Ansperger on violin and back vocals, are all responsible for the level of intensity that was reached in this second part of the Eluveitie acoustic concept albums.

This intensity is so important in this kind of releases, and this one will leave the listener thirsty for a full metal record with these members in the future.


Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing Editor: Filipe Gomes

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