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The Black Planet


Enemy of the Enemy is a groovy French Hardcore / crossover metal band with the characteristic that the vocalist sings in a mix of nu-metal, groove metal and hardcore screaming.

Sometimes there are crossovers that work well, where musicians create interesting combinations. But sometimes there are others that simply don’t fit well together.

Their first long play “Hellequin”, originally released in 2013 got re-released in 2016. This album shows that this formula needs improvements. It seems they are trying to create something new, but in reality it has been done in the beginning of the 00’s, giving an impression that they still don’t know which way to go and are looking for a more solid identity. The production is good, emphasizing the bass, instrument which is often sacrificed in the final mixing. The final result is balanced, yet a bit chaotic.

The music doesn’t always flow naturally due to unexpected changes in the song structure. Adding to this, the inclusion of some electronic elements make the compositions less heavy. Trombone / saxophone are also used to give a reggae touch to the last music “Vendetta” but sounds displaced. The highlight of this album is the song “Angels Can Die”. This one falls more into the nu-metal category, has a strong groove and a very intense power. Intentionally or not, it reminds us of Limp Bizkit/Mudvayne kind of song.

In conclusion, there are interesting ideas here and there, but need to be explored in a better, more coherent way.

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