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Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

Daniel Lemminkainen 01/03/2016 No Comments on Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn


 Entombed was one of bands that began the Swedish death metal movement in the final of the 80’s / beginning of the 90’s, is back with “Dead Dawn”, following the characteristic sound that the band helped so much to put on the highlights of the scene, but few can make it as them.

After rename the group signed by Century Media from Entombed to Entombed A.D., also for legal reasons, in the last album “Back To the Front”, we can expect basically the same dirty production of the last album, the death metal and the rock n’roll feeling, but with songs like “Midas In Reverse”, “Dead Dawn”, “Total Death”, and “The Winner Has Lost” (to which the band filmed a pretty funny video), that will bring back the old days of this band that we hold so much in consideration. We can hear also in these tracks that the band is more consistent when it comes to song writing, and in “Down To Mars To Ride” and “Silent Assassin” as well. Drums are very well recorded, but most of the riffs are based in the same key. The sound of the bass itself seems hard to hear sometimes or to decipher in the mix, while the low end of the sound can be heard, to give that final punch to the song.

The production was handled by a team consisting of Tom Van Heesch and Jacob Hellner of Big Island Sound in Stockholm, as well as Nico Elgstrand himself, who produced the majority of the tracks, and Svante Forsbäck of Chartmakers mastered this new beast. We have an old school album, no doubt about that, straight forward that keeps the old ways very alive through a putrid sound, that we can only find in death metal.




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