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EQUILIBRIUM – Armageddon

Daniel Lemminkainen 02/09/2016 No Comments on EQUILIBRIUM – Armageddon


 At the 5th album “Armageddon”, Equilibrium presents a composition more mid-tempo based, creating a structure that gives these songs more space for the band to input fresh ideas, and keep the listener interested trough out the record.

It’s notorious that this new release departs from the previous albums “Sagas” and “Erdentempel”, showing a growth and evolution in the song writing process, that luckily for us, this band felt tempted to embrace, instead of living in the shadow of the same line of work.With new members on board, Makki on bass, and Hati on drums, the band still maintains the formula from previous albums, balanced in between deep strong guitars, and high melodic folk notes, which will definitely delight Equilibrium’s fans.

This challenging production handled once again by René Berthiaume, also guitar player and mastermind of the band, wants to break away from the sludgy kind of sound that sometimes the guitars were sink in, giving the spotlight to the melodic elements of the album, especially the flutes.

Also the keyboards are something for the listener to be aware of, as they fit in the songs beautifully, never shadowing them, thanks to a great production work. The great intro “Sehnsucht” opens this new chapter full of good moments like “Erwachen”, “Katharsis”, “ZumHorizont”, and “Helden”.

Blinking an eye to a larger audience, the band decided for the first time to have some songs in English, like “Born to Be Epic”, “Rise Again”, “Prey”, and “Eternal Destination”, songs that most listeners will find kind of exotic to hear the voice of Robse going into new territory. The mastering was done by Maor Appelbaum.




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