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Ereb Altor – Nattramn

João Osório 10/06/2015 No Comments on Ereb Altor – Nattramn

The Swedes released their fifth full-length album of originals entitled “Nattramn”. Containing in its formation members who also belong to the band of Epic Doom Isole, this quartet released their most complete album to date. In the previous two records, an approach to black metal sounds and a progressive blurring of Isole’s Doomish influences generated a more aggressive sonority but, at the same time kept a certain epicness in the music, reminding Bathory with a touch of modernity.

In fact, the absorption of environments created by Mr. Quorthon is quite evident in this album, not only in the various acoustic passages, as well as in all the musical structure presented, with constantly well paced journeys when it comes to rhythm, sometimes more epic, sometimes more aggressive. The three distinct voices that echo throughout the album (clean vocals changing to harsh and vice versa) contribute to that.

I conclusion, more than a pleasure, it is a privilege to listen to this. It was time for this band to rise from the second to the first level of quality in the metal scene.

8.5 / 10




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