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EVENLINE – In Tenebris

Zé Serôdio 16/09/2017 No Comments on EVENLINE – In Tenebris

Evenline is a 4-piece alternative metal band from France. Its composed by Arnaud Gueziec (vocals), Fabrice Tedaldi (guitar), Thomas Jaegle (bass), Julien Patoue (drums). Their discography counts with the EP “The Coming Life” (2010), full-length album “Dear Morpheus” (2014) and now the second LP by Evenline – In Tenebris (2017).

One thing that the listener will immediately realizes is that one of the major influences of this group is the American alternative band Alter Bridge. “In Tenebris” starts with the song “All Against Me”, a nice introduction to the album that defines its character and raises curiosity for the rest of the album. “StraitJacket” comes next with an intro similar to the first song. At this point, one can clearly notice the very good production and balance present on the compositions. “Silene Capensis”, the third track is also a confirmation of the good quality vocals performance of Arnaud Gueziec, whether if its clean vocals or harsh vocals. This happens throughout the whole record.

“Sometimes We Die” can be considered a ballad, or at least a slower song comparing to the rest. “Deeper Underground” brings “funky” atmosphere and will probably put a smile on even the angriest listener. But not for long… because although its a funky song (its a Jamiroquai cover), it still carries the heavy side and musical identity of the band. The album ends with the powerful ” From The Ashes” and “Wasted Years”.

In general, “In Tenebris” is more dynamic and energetic that “Dear Morpheus” and maybe one of the most underrated albums of 2017 so far. The only thing missing is the presence of more different solos. Still, all the members did an amazing work. The excellent production (produced and mixed by Jean-François Di Rienzo and mastered by Vincent Hervineau) also deserves a honorable mention.

We can say that the sonority of the band is a heavy and less technical Alter Bridge with Björn Strid (Soilwork) or Christian Älvestam (Solution .45, ex-Scar Symmetry) on vocals. Great work.


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