Tuesday 22nd September 2020,
The Black Planet

Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure


 Along with other new bands that bring fresh blood to a genre that has few room to evolve, Evil Invaders release their first record called “Pulses of Pleasure”. What we could expect pulsing from the Belgian group is a natural reverence of 80’s old school thrash / speed metal, very classy but with longer tracks that defy more than 3, 3 minutes and half. Songs like “Fast Loud’N’Rude”, “Pulses of Pleasure”, “Eclipse of the Mind”, and “Siren” are the example of that revivalism. Then we have a song with an Iron Maiden 80’s feeling called “Stairway To Insanity”, a great heavy metal track with a fantastic solo, reminding us of the good old times of the British band, played beautifully by these young thrashers. The album was recorded in Belgium: drums at Grindstone Recordings, acoustic guitars at Sint-LeonarduskerkMolenbeersel, and all the rest inclusing the mixing and mastering at Waveshape Audio, taking advantage of what’s best at each studio, and it was a smart move from the band because if we want to cause impact at the first album, we should make the presentation album something we could listen for more than 3 or 4 times, putting the band name on the lips of the audience. Let’s hope for more invasions from these guys.




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