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EXPULSION – Nightmare Future

Drawing its name from Exhumed and Repulsion, Expulsion is a new band comprised of… well, Exhumed and Repulsion members, as well as Phobia, Intranaut and Gruesome. Still here? Good for you, because it gets better. “Nightmare Future” is the group’s debut effort via Relapse Records, and man, what a great start!

For those used to Repulsion, the first thing you’ll notice is how close this record gets to its original footprint. “Total Human Genocide”, the first track, could very well be “Horrified” v2.0, such is the likeliness to the classic 1989 track. Then comes “Altar of Slaughter” and by now you know this is a mash-up of the very best of both worlds. Although the recording tries to summon the spirit of the late 80’s Repulsion with a buzz-saw like bass, chaotic guitar work, relentless drums and Scott Carlson-like vocals, “Nightmare Future” ’s production is crisp and modern when compared with the former, even if “crisp” is relative if you know Repulsion and Exhumed. This 7-track, 17-minute-long album does the job with efficacy: it mixes raw chunks of grindcore, death metal, d-beat, crust and punk in a greasy bowl that is certain to make you grin with glee.

For old-schoolers, the album works like a college reunion comprised only of your favorite friends, while for newcomers it’s the perfect gateway for what grindcore and death metal used to be in the late 80’s. Finally, and with Maor Applebaum (Mayhem, Faith No More) on production duties, it’s no wonder “Nightmare Future” sounds so good, or rather so sick. In this case, consume it best after end.




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