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FAITH NO MORE – Sol Invictus

FAITH NO MORE – Sol Invictus

Faith-No-More-Sol-InvictusWell, it’s a tradition. Every new year we eagerly wait for the great comebackers of the season.
This has been already a prodigious year in that aspect. On the alternative genre, Blur has presented their reunion album, and on the (also alternative) metal side, was up to Faith No More to perform that task.

For those that have seen them perform live in their reunion tour, an album was the gap that was still left to fill. Even so, they made us wait 18 years.
Mostly, Patton was challenging the deal, since FNM was a closed subject within his many side projects. Most of them with key affinities to Portugal (I’m talking about Tomahawk of course).
But since Fantomas was a dead end, and his eternal attachment to his ever faithful band, it was easy to see, that this was his next step.

In fact, the new deal in the music business, is revivalism, and the 90’s are no exception.

In classic style, Sol Invictus serves as intro, with a soft and dark ambience to the album. In fact dark is the mood that surrounds it. The cover serves to provide that layout, resembling very much The Smiths’ album covers.
Superhero, the first single to make out of this LP, sets out the return to the origins, w/ the strong variations, and the medley of styles that was characterized FNM’s music. Although aged, the instrumental section, particularly the rhythmic still maintain their focus and drive.
(Michael) Bodin’s paced drumming fall in line with the easily noticed (also band founding member) Roddy Bottum’s keyboarding.

Diversity and eclecticism are patterns in FNM’s style, and Sol Invictus follows that line. Sunny Side Up, the 2nd single, serves as a contrast to the previous, and to most appealing side of FNM’s (for me at least), which is Separation Anxiety’s. That almost struck me as a New Midlife Crisis.

Matador, the single released in 2014, also made into the album, but could not deliver another Ashes to Ashes.
Still Patton’s contributes with excellent vocal performance, despite its aging. Even so we would like to see more of guitar playing. But then again FNM are what they are as whole.

Although short, the album is not immediately accessible. One has to learn his ways, in true FNM’s style.


Words by Vasco Baptista

Track list

  1. Sol Invictus
  2. Superhero
  3. Sunny Side Up
  4. Separation Anxiety
  5. Cone of Shame
  6. Rise of the Fall
  7. Black Friday
  8. Motherfucker
  9. Matador
  10. From the Dead



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